Friday, April 2, 2010

Rag Bag

Dear Cheapskate,

Did I hear you right? Can it be true? Some people don't have a rag bag?????

Wait while I run cold water over a rag from my rag bag. I need it on my forehead to recover from the shock.

Ok, I don't actually have a rag bag, I have a rag shelf. Shelf, bag, whatever... rags are indispensable! Instead of throwing away old clothes and towels, especially T-shirts, toss them into the rag bag. There are so many uses for this material and you'll save a ton of money!!

  • Use them as a substitute for paper towels
  • If you have some pretty ones and a lot of patience, make a quilt
  • Use them to clean your bike
  • Wash mirrors
  • Clean your bathroom (see genius cleaning tips from the frugal hostess - I don't think she'll mind the link here)
  • Wipe up the soy sauce that spilled when you opened the refrigerator too fast
  • Fold a piece into a little pad to protect the side of your truck from the bungee cord
  • Stuff your bra
  • Use little pieces as floor protectors under furniture
  • Tie a white one to a stick and wave it around when you need to surrender
  • Cut into strips and tie off your limbs to prevent snake bite venom from spreading
  • Cut into strips and tie together to escape out a window like Rapunzel
  • When you lose a button, find a replacement from a shirt in the rag bag
  • Use a piece to make a patch on clothing
  • Cut into strips and boil before giving birth, a la Gone With The Wind
  • Polish the silver
  • Cover yourself with a very large rag, such as an old sheet, when you need to go as a ghost
  • Wax your car (if you have a car)
  • Cut a piece of elastic from a waist band and use it to dangle a cat toy from a cat tower (see photo - I did this today)
  • Blow your nose, wash rag, re-use (save toilet paper)
  • Polish the furniture
  • Stuff into holes under doors to keep the cold air out
  • Shred and use to stuff crafts projects, such as sock monkeys
  • Make a sock monkey out of an old sock
  • Make a sling shot out of a stretchy T-shirt
What else can rags be used for?? Please comment before my ideas get even sillier.


  1. Drain bacon; keep salad (wet a rag and stick it in a ziploc bag - which you have washed out and reused - to keep the lettuce from getting soggy); or cut into triangles and make a celebratory banner!

  2. good read sis!

    i use old tshirts for waxing my car/truck. they work way better than the buffer i used to have.

    also, as often as i move, i use them to stuff into empty spaces in boxes and around breakables (dishes/plates/etc).


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