Monday, June 14, 2010

Marriage. Hunh! Yeah. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing!

Dear Cheapskate,

Save a ton of money by implementing the following tip:

Tip: Don't get married.

Aw, Cheapskate, you look so upset! Are you deeply offended? Have I gone too far? I knew this would blow your mind! If you're serious about saving money think of marriage not as a romantic endeavor but as a money sucking scheme.

[Note that though this author is twice divorced she is still absolutely, totally, 100% UNBIASED!! Isn't that great!?!!]

Reasons to NOT get married [Completely objective!!]

Spending and Debt.
Is the prospective spouse a cheapskate? Is he as deliriously frugal as you are? Probably not. (Who is?) Do you want this spendthrift near your finances?

Financial Aid.
Do you have kids in college?
Check out these financial aid FAQ's.

You could be stuck with your spouse's medical bills! Then again, maybe you can find a spouse who will provide you with precious medical insurance. [If anyone knows of the availability of this type of medical-insurance-providing prospective spouse please send info asap to and disregard the rest of this post.]

Reasons TO get married.
Publicity stunt.
The right to visit your spouse in the slammer.

Cheapskate, I can see that you are still very offended.
Have you been happily married for many, many years? Did it save you money? Do tell!!!


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    Can you crunch some numbers? Give some examples regarding income tax?

  2. Hrmmm. What's a reason to get married?
    A roommate so the rent/housing costs gets split.
    Religious reasons. Marrying religiously but not legally for tax reasons is considered tax fraud, so if you're doing one, you should do the other.
    It ties your spouse to you, making your marriage more solid. If you could simply break up and walk off whenever there's a fight, then you're giving in to the disposable marriage mentality, which is a problem. People with a permanent marriage mentality will make things work more likely than those in a long term unmarried relationship.
    Ease of being able to share bills. One less headache to deal with if my husband pays the bills.
    Marry a cheapskate, you cheapskate, and then you don't have half these worries.
    Lastly, if the one you love is dying in the hospital, do you want to be kept away because you "aren't family"?

  3. Good reasons. I guess I just haven't met the right person. (And not likely this late in life).

  4. My husband and I are financially on the same wave length - we're car and TV free, for a start. This helps a marriage a lot as you need to agree where money is spent and saved.

    Our savings are healthy; if anything went terribly wrong, we'd be covered. We're also not under threat of forking out for medical expenses. In Scotland all prescriptions are free, as is medical care.

  5. Scotland sounds great. We have a messed up medical system in the US.


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