Sunday, December 6, 2009

Guest Cheapskate: Fashion!

Dear Cheapskate,

Today I have a treat for you. The fabulously frugal Michelle is writing the post. Yes, that Michelle! I know!

Missive from Michelle:

"For those of you who read magazines where they go over what the model is wearing and how incredibly much each item costs, here is a little something for you.

This is our friend Ellen wearing one of her many beautifully coordinated outfits.

New down jacket: LL Bean, $5 at Goodwill, wool scarf: $4 Goodwill, pants: $5 (Juicy Couture - normally $100!) Goodwill, matching jacket: $5 (at a different Goodwill!!!), shoes: new, Northface outlet, $25. Who needs to Christmas shop at regular stores!"

Thank you, Michelle!!!

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