Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things Not To Buy: Aluminum Foil

Dear Cheapskate,

Never, ever, buy aluminium foil.

Cheapskate, don't look so sad. We'll figure something out for your Martian costume, and for the antenna on your TV. (I'm glad you don't have cable! Good for you! Cable's a total waste of money and you shouldn't be wasting your time watching TV anyway.)

You can easily live without aluminum foil. I have never purchased aluminum foil, except for that one time in 1987, when I mistakenly thought it would work as a weight loss device. (Don't ask.)

I know, it's handy to use to cover your chicken while it's cooking. Use a lid! Or, better yet, don't eat chicken - it's expensive. And have you heard about how they raise and engineer chickens these days? Yikes. Cruel.

I haven't bought aluminum foil in so long, I don't even know what you might need it for. Cover things with lids or other pans. Cook things right on the pan, not on a layer of aluminum foil.

I do have a piece of aluminum foil in my kitchen drawer. Someone brought me a gift of food, wrapped in aluminum foil. I washed off the foil and kept it! If I think of a reason to use it, I'll use it, then wash it again!!

Save money! Save the environment! Never buy aluminum foil.


  1. Thanks for blogging. Great information presented quite humorously! :-)

    We're living quite nicely without paper towels -- now on to aluminum foil! I don't use much foil, but it never ocurred to me that I could actually not use ANY!

  2. What about time saved by not having to scrape burned food off pans? In my defense I have been using the same roll for the past 5 years.

  3. Oh! You're right. I really don't need tin foil. I like this blog.

  4. It's certainly possible to avoid using aluminum foil, though people who don't do a lot of cooking may have an easier time with it than those who do. With that said, nothing beats aluminum foil for wrapping up leftover food for the purpose of freezing. It prevents the transfer of moisture and provides an airtight seal, thus preventing freezer burn. And as the kind - and attractive - writer of this blog pointed out, it can be re-used. I, myself found a nearly full commercial roll of foil in an empty dwelling in my building. I've had it for 3 years and I've barely used a fraction of it.


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